An American client left us a rather negative feedback that the show was depicting children eating porridge in the morning. She said, everyone is eating cornflakes nowadays. We couldn’t stop our smiles here.

Let me explain: The characters are loosely styled on our own two children. When my son saw back when he was 5 that his character had to eat porridge, he was genuinely upset! He insisted that Finn ate cornflakes and broke into tears! We had to have porridge though because we had to show hot and cold. Also, we want to set a good example and show healthy options for children in the hope they will be motivated to at least try what they see on TV. Nevertheless, it is fun to see my son find an unlikely ally in a mother over the pond. Still, at least in the imaginary world of Sookie & Finn we will opt for the healthier choice whenever we can and weather the storm afterwards!