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We have all 3 Sookie and Finn dvds and I wish they made more! My 3 year old has autism and 3 months ago was completely non-verbal. He struggles to understand our world and everyday actions and routines. I bought the 'Our Day' DVD first and my son instantly loved it. We then bought the other 2 DVDs which expand the day including the journey to and from school and waiting and taking turns in the playground. He has learnt such a huge amount from watching these dvds. At first he copied words in his play but now he is using the words in context outside of play. For example he has learnt eat, teeth, brush, wash, toothbrush. He now says these when we are performing these actions at home. He can watch the DVDs over and over and each time I try to re-inforce the teaching e.g. pretending to eat play toast and egg when Sookie and Finn eat their breakfast. I honestly cannot recommend these dvds highly enough. They also use common nursery rhymes as part of the teaching e.g. I'm a little teapot when learning about the teapot is hot.

The DVDs have clearly been written in conjunction with speech and language therapists. They use key words and are repeated in the same way a speech and language therapist would work focussing on important words like 'on' and 'stop' as well as labelling objects like 'toast' and 'sock'. One huge benefit too is that there is no lead in at the beginning of the DVD and the menu comes instantly on the screen from the minute the DVD loads.

If your child has a speech and language delay these DVDs are an absolute must. We continue to watch them regularly. My older boy (who does not have additional needs) also loves them and sings the songs to his brother when they are playing.

from amazon.co.uk

"Sookie & Finn, Our Day” is a clear, thoughtful, research-based DVD aimed at encouraging a child’s language development through interaction with a parent. Designed with a speech language pathologist, “Sookie and Finn” has all the elements of a fantastic language lesson for all kids–1) entertaining and spunky cartoon characters 2) learning language through a child’s typical day of waking up, getting dressed, eating breakfast, going to the park, taking a bath and getting into bed, 3)labeling common objects, repeating sentences and relevant words to a child’s world, 4)reinforcing concepts through nursery songs of the same theme and 5) instructing parents on how to maximize language learning through viewing the DVD with their child.  Each of the six vignettes is followed by a friendly narrator who reviews the sentences and single vocabulary words essential to the story–breakfast, eat, egg, toast, too hot, blow, yummy and mess for breakfast. Timely pauses allow breaks for a child and parent to chime in and interact with the DVD.  The instruction and role of the parent as participant with their child’s viewing of “Sookie &Finn” sets this DVD apart. Their theme of “Talk with us” is exactly what parents should do as they view the DVD together with their child and follow the tips to maximize language learning. Repeat the same verbal routines during your daily activities with your child, sing the songs, extend the story by using toys related to the film, talk about what happened in the story and relate it to your child’s world. An extensive list of tips to encourage a child’s speech and language as well as developmental charts give this DVD an instructional component that parents can learn from and apply when viewing other media with their children.

www.playonwords.com by Sherry Artemenko, Speech & Language Pathologist

My son is non-verbal and on the autism spectrum. He got this DVD for his birthday after I added it to his wishlist. He really enjoys it. His favourite parts are when the woman appears and repeats the words from previous section. He stands right in front of the tv, and laughs when she says a word. I'm not sure if it's the way she says it, the fact she's very pretty, or the animation of her expression - but he definitely likes her! One word of warning - the theme tune for this DVD will be extremely difficult to get out of your head, it's very catchy!

from amazon.co.uk

Excellent. Good for young children with speech and language difficulties. I have triplets and they love it. All three have autistic tendencies and this DVD doesn't over stimulate them. It's a shame there is only one.


Sarah, mum to triplets

This DVD is fantastic for capturing a child's attention, very repetitive and just what we needed for our 3 year old late talker. He loves it.



My daughter is two and a half and has an expressive language delay problem. She had very few single words until recently. I bought this as a concerned parent on a very long waiting list for speech therapy in the hope that it would help in some way. My daughter loves watching Sookie and Finn doing everyday activities e.g getting up, washed, dressed, eating breakfast, going to the park, bedtime etc. The language used is clear and seems to be aimed at children to encourage them to put 2 words together. The recap at the end of the section is useful and there are songs that most children will be familiar with e.g row row row your boat. My daughter is now pointing to the TV trying to say some of the words and is saying the odd word what comes next. For a child with a delay this is heartening for the parents and gives us hope that she will eventually develop her language skills in relation to her peers. This DVD may not be the answer to speech delay problems and I doubt it can make children talk if they don't wish to do so but it probably helps. My daughter finds it enjoyable and the animation is simple but effective. Her single words have increased and whilst this is not just because of a DVD, this DVD helps re-iterate stories and events in a way she can understand and can therefore be used in addition to parental one to one help. If you are in the same position as me- it's worth a try!


Lisa B

Thanks for a putting out a DVD that I don't feel guilty putting on for my 12 month old, as I'm not that supportive of so many commercial TV shows for kids. For a one year old (with such a short attention span), she is surprisingly engaged by the program, especially when the lady appears in the corner repeating the words, something I haven't seen in other shows.

The words are everyday phrases, useful and pronounced slowly with what appears to me to be a relatively neutral accent.

I would recommend this DVD to anyone with toddlers.



Christie, mother of 1 year old Jessica

"My two-and-a-half-year-old son really enjoyed this DVD, as did my elder son, of four. The younger one keeps watching it and I don't know if it's coincidence but, since he started watching it, he has started talking properly, making sentences. I highly recommend this DVD for toddlers and look forward to series two!"


Asu, mum to Alex and James

"Amazing dvd! My little boy Brandon is strugling with his speech as he has autism and he loves this dvd. He will watch it on repeat and sing along brilliantly. His baby sister who can speak also loves It. We were gutted to find you dont offer any other dvds like this. I hope Sookie & Finn do more dvds or even books, etc. They're fantastic and have helped my little boy soooo much. Thank you!"


Leesa, Brandon's mummy

I am happy to say that I am making good use of the DVDs with a range of children aged between 3 - 5 (and their siblings).  The format is very good as the graphics are clear and entertaining but simple enough for young children to appreciate.  The sequencing of ideas is very appealing as it reflects a young child's experiences.  They love the humour and antics of Sookie and Finn that cause much amusement.  As a therapist, I really appreciate the presentation of vocabulary and two word phrases:  the timing is excellent, giving opportunity for therapist or parent to repeat and reinforce.

 Great and certainly to be recommended.

Lorraine Kelly-Atherton, Speech and Language Therapist

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