We have all 3 Sookie and Finn dvds and I wish they made more! My 3 year old has autism and 3 months ago was completely non-verbal. He struggles to understand our world and everyday actions and routines. I bought the 'Our Day' DVD first and my son instantly loved it. We then bought the other 2 DVDs which expand the day including the journey to and from school and waiting and taking turns in the playground. He has learnt such a huge amount from watching these dvds. At first he copied words in his play but now he is using the words in context outside of play. For example he has learnt eat, teeth, brush, wash, toothbrush. He now says these when we are performing these actions at home. He can watch the DVDs over and over and each time I try to re-inforce the teaching e.g. pretending to eat play toast and egg when Sookie and Finn eat their breakfast. I honestly cannot recommend these dvds highly enough. They also use common nursery rhymes as part of the teaching e.g. I'm a little teapot when learning about the teapot is hot.

The DVDs have clearly been written in conjunction with speech and language therapists. They use key words and are repeated in the same way a speech and language therapist would work focussing on important words like 'on' and 'stop' as well as labelling objects like 'toast' and 'sock'. One huge benefit too is that there is no lead in at the beginning of the DVD and the menu comes instantly on the screen from the minute the DVD loads.

If your child has a speech and language delay these DVDs are an absolute must. We continue to watch them regularly. My older boy (who does not have additional needs) also loves them and sings the songs to his brother when they are playing.