• Don’t let your toddlers watch silent tv shows. Animations with a lot of word repetitions are best. Children learn by imitiating they shouldn't see anything that you don't want to be copied!
  • Whether your child is talking or not, do not let them watch commercials. Commercials bombard the audience with very fast and colourful messages and to a child’s mind real life becomes dull and boring. He may have difficulty focusing on anything that is relatively dull over time.
  • You should limit your child’s TV/gadget viewing to 1-2 hours up to the age of 5. The more a child watches these the less time there is for doing other fun activities. Children need to get bored on their own so that they can find a way to entertain themselves without the help of all these gadgets out there. I must admit I have a difficult time sticking to this one but it is very important.
  • Don’t order your child around. Both while teaching him to talk but also when trying to get him to do things. Offer encouragement and choice. This will increase his compliance and it will require him to plan and later explain his choices.
  • Do not lose your control and composure: Sometimes life with a little non talker can get difficult. All parents have seen incredible tantrums and when a child knows what he wants but can’t express it, life becomes even more difficult for him. Do not ignore his frustration. Try to guess what it is related to. Try to talk through the issue. If it is possible to give in partially that’d be best: (e.g. "you can play 2 minutes longer if you stop crying but after two minutes you need to stop playing ok?" N.B: Definitely get the ok gesture/word) Keep a mental note on what triggers tantrums. Try to talk through these in more detail at a more calm time.


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