Don't worry if your child isn't achieving one or two of the points described in his age group. Remember every child is unique and will learn at his own pace.  


6-12 Months development

  • Recognizes name
  • Says 2-3 words besides "mama" and "dada"
  • Imitates familiar words
  • Understands simple instructions
  • Recognizes words as symbols for objects e.g. car - points to car

1-2 years

  • Understands "no"
  • Uses 10 to 20 words, including names
  • Combines two words such as "daddy bye-bye"
  • Waves good-bye and plays pat-a-cake
  • Makes the "sounds" of familiar animals
  • Gives a toy when asked
  • Uses words such as "more" to make wants known
  • Points to his or her toes, eyes, and nose
  • Brings object from another room when asked

2-3 years

  • Identifies body parts
  • Carries on 'conversation' with self and dolls
  • Asks "what's that?" and "where's my?"
  • Uses 2-word negative phrases such as "no want".
  • Forms some plurals by adding "s"; e.g. “book, books”
  • Gives first name, holds up fingers to tell age
  • Combines nouns and verbs "mommy go"
  • Refers to self as "me" rather than by name
  • Tries to get adult attention: "watch me"
  • Likes to hear same story repeated
  • Talks to other children as well as adults
  • Solves problems by talking instead of hitting or crying
  • Answers "where?" questions
  • Names common pictures and things
  • Uses short sentences like "me want more" or "me want cookie"
  • Matches 3-4 colours, knows big and little

3-4 years

  • Can tell a story
  • Has a sentence length of 4-5 words
  • Has a vocabulary of nearly 1000 words
  • Names at least one colour
  • Understands "yesterday," "summer", "lunchtime", "tonight", "little-big"
  • Begins to obey requests like "put the block under the chair"
  • Knows his or her last name

4-5 years

  • Has sentence length of 4-5 words
  • Uses past tense correctly
  • Identifies triangles, circles and squares
  • Understands "in the morning", "next", "noon time"
  • Can speak of imaginary conditions such as "I hope"
  • Asks many questions, asks "who?" And "why?"

Adapted from Speech and Language Handouts, 2nd Ed. - Developmental Kit, by Brooks & D. Hartung, 2002, Austin, Tx: PRO-ED. Copyright 2002 by PRO-ED, Inc. with permission.


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