Sookie & Finn series is educational early learning DVDs for toddlers.


With each DVD we aim:

  • to teach toddlers important vocabulary: talking children are a joy. That's how children learn new concepts and test new ides on adults. Also talking children can cope with frustrations better. 
  • to educate children good behaviour:  We show and repeat important concepts to the children to let them sink in:
        • brushing teeth,
        • putting on clothes,
        • tidying up the room,
        • waiting for his turn,
        • traffic lights
  • to help kids have fun: Our DVDs have been tested by children and reviewed by child specialists to be not too overwhelming and fun. The impact on the child is only positive.
  • to teach toddlers fun and easy nursery rhymes.  
Your toddler will have so much fun, she will not even realise she is learning!
Some customer comments:

"The DVD makes it easier to brush his teeth - I only have to add 'like Sookie and Finn' after the request and he'll happily trot to the bathroom and open wide!"

"The DVD holds his attention, and even causes him to chuckle at times, and he repeats phrases and answers questions whilst he absorbs the story-line"

"My older boy also loves them and sings the songs to his brother when they are playing"

"This has been a great DVD for us to entertain and at the same time educate our children without them being exposed to violence on TV. From the moment my 2 year old daughter saw this, she does not want to watch anything else. What really struck me was that it not only had a very educational content but also delivered it in a very fun way"


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