Speech delays are common in children on the autism spectrum. Here we are sharing the best tips to deal with the speech delay aspect of autistic children. 

  • Good news first: Most children with autism will be able to talk even if they are not talking by the age of 4. Whatever the delay in speech level, the better the child is socially capable the better the expected outcome. Targeting social skills is very important.


  • Early intervention: The best remedy for a child who is delayed in speech or otherwise showing symptoms on the autism spectrum is intervening as early as possible! Behavioural therapy will help the child being able to develop on these shortcomings. Some children get to completely manage to talk later in life although it may at first seem very unlikely. S/he will make you proud yet!


  • Routine, simplicity and repetition: Autistic children get the best outcomes when they receive slow paced repetition of the same inputs. Recordings are ideal for this since parents may not have the same mood each time they are going through exercises with their children. Make sure that the recordings are simple and not too overwhelming for your child.


  • Visual cues: Children on the autism spectrum enjoy visual cues. Show them their routines many times taking and showing videos or pictures of them.


  • Focus on your child’s interests: When focus is speech, learning new behaviour or gaining knowledge should take second place. It is much easier to get your child to talk about things that she or he already cares about.


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