5 Tips to help your child talk

  • Talk to your child: Slowly talking to your child everyday as often as possible is key to getting your toddler to talk. Children learn by copying and imitating adults so talk to your toddler while you play with him, while going through his routines and even when you do household chores. Do not use baby talk since you need to model the right way of talking.


  • Give simple choices: Present your child with simple choices. Hold up two cuddly toys, or two pieces of food for him to choose from. If she chooses by pointing out or grabbing her choice then just confirm the name of the choice and move on with an energetic and fun attitude.


  • Give simple instructions: These will help with passive speech, with understanding and listening to instructions. First start with simple instructions, e.g. bring me the red bird, gradually you should increase the complication of instructions, e.g. first take the green toy car to your room and then bring the yellow duck to me. Then start giving series instructions once the previous instruction is complete. Pay attention how long your child can focus. There is no magic number but if you observe his attention span is increasing that is great.


  • Sing songs and rhymes: Such as the ones in your Sookie & Finn DVD range (e.g. “This is the way we wash our face”; “Row, row, row your boat”; “Twinkle twinkle little star)”. These songs are very catchy and it will not take long before they start humming and perhaps saying the words of the songs on their own.


  • Be patient, relaxed and have fun: Remember every kid is different. Always use positive encouragement and observe and appreciate even the smallest effort and success!


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