Helping your child to talk


Sookie & Finn: Our Day DVD is a great tool to help your baby with his/her expressive speech.


It is often said that young children who speak early tend to do better in school later. This should come as no surprise:

Talking takes your baby's frustration away. This leaves a lot more quality time for your interaction with your toddler.
An early talker starts increasing his/her vocabulary immediately. There is no limit to what you can teach your baby once s/he starts talking. In fact, by the time a late talker would start saying a few words, your baby could start discussing sophisticated ideas.
Talking early allows your toddler to understand, observe and enjoy his/surroundings and feed his/her curiosity sooner than others. This advantage tends to continue later into school life.


The Sookie and Finn DVDs are based on our unique methodology that is derived from latest available research in children's language development as well as extensive consultancy from a UK based paediatric speech and language therapist to promote expressive language production and vocabulary acquisition in babies and toddlers:


Key features:

Simple dialogues ensure toddlers can appreciate the storyline. The simple backgrounds are interesting but not too overwhelming.
Narration by adult and repetition of key vocabulary enable faster memorisation and retention of vocabulary.
Nursery songs built into the story keep the little ones entertained and engaged.
Scenes actively involve viewers by giving choices which encourage expressive language reproduction.
At the end of each scene, there is a summary section where an adult repeats the target vocabulary against a background of fragments from the film for increased retention.
We introduce 80 of the most frequently used English words, set in daily routines familiar to young children.


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